Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Web Secret #177: Steampunk

When you were a child, did you think that once you became a 21st century adult, everything would be high tech and futuristic?

Were you pretty sure that by then, everyone would be flying around in spaceships, using the latest electronic gadget, while giving commands to a personal robot?

That isn’t the way it turned out though, is it?

Co-existing with smart phones, iPads and other technological marvels, there is a world of people living in the past and the future, all at the same time. And I am not just talking about remote tribes in the Amazon.

We all know someone who still lives like it’s 1999 - or even earlier. One of my friends doesn’t have a cell phone. He still uses a hardwired phone built into his car. It will soon be unsupported by Verizon, completely obsolete and unusable.

That’s why I love Steampunk.

It’s a literary, artistic, and philosophical movement that depicts a world that never existed. Steampunk objects are powered by steam and springs instead of electricity and fossil fuels. When you see a Steampunk object, you wonder “Is it from the past or is it from the future?”

It's a way for people to master technology, instead of letting the rapidly changing world sweep them away.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Web Secret #176:

I am a Star Trek fan, a huge one. I once even attended a convention, (don’t tell my kids.)

During my lifetime, I have had the pleasure of watching Star Trek’s technology become reality.

The crew’s communicator? That’s my old Motorola flip phone. The tricorder? That’s a lot like my iPad. Phasers on stun? Don't tase me, bro’. The Holodeck? That's a lot like Second Life.

Do you remember the computer on the Enterprise? All you had to do was ask it a question and it answered verbally. That hasn’t been done yet ... or has it?

Well my fellow trekkers, wait no more. is here.

Qwiki demonstrated.

Qwiki in a nutshell? Type in EMDR. And Qwiki speaks the answer. It explains what EMDR is. It also shows you relevant visuals during the explanation. And it provides you with other relevant topics, eg neuroplasticity, that you can click on as well.

That first moment when Qwiki answers your first question is absolutely thrilling.

The future is now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Web Secret #175: catchfree

I have a new favorite website.

It's a social platform that allows people to compare and find the best free software and services online for both business and leisure.

Catchfree makes this easy for us by grouping services into various categories. Here are just a few:

Share files over the Internet

Backup files online

Make voice calls over the Internet

Let's visit one of the categories. Say you had no coding skills and you wanted to build your own website. Check out "How to Build a Website for Free."

Webs, Weebly and WebStarts are among a number of free web development sites that are listed and reviewed in that category. The sites are listed in such a way that they can be easily compared.

You get the point.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to explore Organize Your Travel Plans for Free.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Web Secret #174: Disposable Web Page

I created a disposable web page.

It counts down and then deletes itself.

Why, did I do that?

Because it was there. I couldn't help myself.

But I'm a geek and prone to this type of activity.

Why would you want a disposable web page?

Each disposable webpage has a count down clock. You can set this clock to count down anywhere from 90 days to 0 days from the time the page is created. When the remaining time reaches 00:00:00:00, the page is automatically set for disposal and will exist for 2 more weeks before it gets incinerated.

Let's say
  • You are presenting at a conference.
  • You are holding an important event.
  • You have an opening in a psychotherapy group you run.
  • You have a book getting published.
  • You have a journal article coming out.
You want to tell the world. So you create a disposable web page that counts down to D-Day. And you e-mail the link to the world. Or post it on your website, your blog, or even your Twitter.

Sound complicated? It isn't.

You can create a disposable web page with as little effort as a few key strokes. Just click here. You do not need any coding skills. Disposable web page offers you the convenience and freedom of getting information out there on the Internet with as little hassle as possible.

And it really is that easy. Check out the page I created.

It took me about 60 seconds.

Cool, right?