Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Web Secret #18 - Peek

Non-geeks like simple, easy to use technology that does not require reading a 300 page manual to use. So if the thought of understanding a Blackberry fills you with horror but you've always wanted to access your e-mail 24/7, the Peek is for you.

All the Peek does is send and receive e-mail. You will be able to buy it at Target stores and getpeek.com. Each Peek costs $100. You pay $20 a month for unlimited e-mail service.

The Peek is a very thin plastic slab that weighs only a few ounces, comes in three designer colors (dark gray, aqua or dark red) and has a screen and thumb keyboard on the face. On the right edge is a thumbwheel, which scrolls through lists and menus (you click inward on that wheel to select a menu command). Below the wheel is a Back/Cancel button. On top is the power button.

When it comes to hardware, that, my friends, is it.

The color screen is bright and clear, even in sunlight. The keys are brightly illuminated. Each charge of the removable battery lasts two to five days, depending on how much e-mail you get.

The first time you turn on the Peek, you’re asked for your e-mail address and password. The Peek automatically checks for new messages every 5 to 15 minutes, and notifies you with a little chime, a little vibrating buzz and a blinking blue light in the corner. (You can also check on demand.) The Peek handles up to three e-mail accounts.

Simple. Easy. How refreshing!

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