Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Web Secret #27 - Ghost

Call me paranoid, but I am always looking for secure, free places to back up my files.

Call me frugal, but I am always looking for cheap places to stash my pictures and my music files.

Enter provides every person in the world with a free Virtual Computer (VC). Like a Windows PC, or Mac, the VC is a personal computing environment which includes your desktop, your personal settings, your files and your choice of software applications.

But unlike a PC, your VC is not installed on one physical computer - instead it is stored in professional data centers across the Internet cloud, and is accessed from any Internet browser in the world. From any computer, open the browser , enter your username and password, and continue using your VC from exactly the state you last left it in. has several advantages over a PC (or Mac):

Available from any browser in the world instead of being installed on one physical machine.

The operating system, many apps, and the first 5GB of data storage and 3GB of email storage are absolutely free.

Software (namely Web-based software) can be run without installation.

The computer is always up-to-date, secure and backed up with no action or cost on your part.

Because it is online, the VC provides new possibilities for fun and collaboration, beyond what is available on a PC.

The VC is currently in public "alpha" - the VC is already stable and usable although it does not yet have a complete set of applications, services and widgets associated with it and there are a few bugs.

The bugs will be fixed and application added rapidly over the coming weeks.

Signing up takes 5 seconds. Click START, pick your user name and your password (because is news, you are likely to get one of your first choices), and there you are. Uploading files is a snap (you click UPLOAD files). EASY!

If your nervous about trying new things, you can log in as a visitor.


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