Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Web Secret #38: 7 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog

Just read a clever blog post on ProBlogger: "7 Dark Truths: Why Readers Really Become Subscribers" written by Nick Cernis.

Nick believes that all regular readers of a specific blog fall into one of seven categories. I have adapted his thoughts to serve you, my readers.

1) They want to be you
I left my social work gig to become a full time geek. So I read the Fried Social Worker blog because sometimes I want to remember those days.

2) They want to be with you
One of the most powerful blogs on the planet is The Huffington Post. Ariana Huffinton goes to amazing insider events and hangs with all kinds of bright, interesting people. So I read her blog and pretend she's my BFF.

3) They want your brain
Read my blog, and know what I know.

4) They want your goodies
Are you always giving away great kernels of wisdom and links to valuable resources? They will come.

5) They want your wit
Day in day out, the funniest blog on the internet is The Sneeze. Guaranteed I will feel better if I eat chocolate. Guaranteed I will laugh my head of when I read any gem in the "Steve Don't Eat It" column. My favorite is "Pickled Pork Rinds".

6) They want to stay ahead
Do you regularly read your competitors’ blogs? You should - it's the best way to stay ahead. Chances are, a lot of your readers are your competitors. It’s how they keep abreast of what you’re doing and try to stay in front.

7) They want to check up on you
OK that may be a little paranoid.

So Nick believes that all you need to do if you want more readers, is to use the seven categories for your own blog marketing purposes:

1) Become a superstar
If you become well-known expert in a specific field, people will want to be you and read you.

2) Become a heart-throb
I'll quote Nick here: "If you write openly in a way that tugs on people’s heart strings, chances are they’ll want to hear from you again. It’s rare to find bloggers who spill their soul in a mature way that you can learn and grow from."

3) Become an expert
If you become an expert superstar, readers will flock to you.

4) Become generous
Think differently: what could you offer your readers for free that would be invaluable to them? Free website advice? Free marketing help? A free podcast?

5) Become funny
If you can be funny, people will read you.

6) Become a market-leader
If you can create something that’s truly remarkable, there’s a good chance you will get more readers

7) Tell your Mom
Tell your friends and family about your blog.

Go forth and use your new knowledge to gain the readers you deserve!

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