Thursday, May 21, 2009

Web Secret #53: Read the Manual!

A few weeks ago, I was idly clicking my StumbleUpon toolbar, when I came upon a website called The Manuals. Be still my heart.

I have discovered the world is populated by two kinds of people. One group consists of people like my daughter Jamie. Since middle school, if you give Jamie a cell phone, ANY cell phone, she intuitively, immediately, knows how to operate it. Within minutes, she is making conference calls, setting up voice mail, uploading secret intelligence, and incurring national debt sized data charges.

I, on the other hand, along with the people in the second group, need, want, must have The F@#$%!ing Manual. In the 21st century, this is a bad thing because:

a. The manual is not included. Have you ever bought an iPhone? NO MANUAL!

b. The manual is 1,000 pages long

c. You have lost the manual

d. The manual was eaten by your dog

So imagine my delight when I came upon The Manuals - Free Manuals Online. They assure me that they have 5,770,000 free manuals which I can view or download.

Need a manual for the iPhone? No problema. They offer a number of them, including a comprehensive one from

Still struggling with Adobe Photoshop? How about a manual from

The Manuals website pretty much consists of a single search window into which you type your product name and then click "SEARCH". Seconds later you have a selection of relevant manuals to choose from.


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