Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Web Secret #66: 5mn Life Videopedia

Do you have the patience of a toddler?
Wouldn't be caught dead reading instructional manuals?
Too proud to ask your friend/relative/colleague for help when your computer/hairdryer/toilet goes on the fritz?

Then you need the 5mn Life Videopedia aka, a website containing tens of thousands of professionally produced instructional videos across 20 categories and 140 subcategories. 5min features content from some of the world’s largest media companies as well as the most innovative independent producers.

For our purposes, I decided to browse the 5mn Tech category.

Product Reviews: I am thinking of getting a MacBook Pro, so I click on Product Review Videos, then enter "MacBook Pro" in the FIND window. Voila: A Look at the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2009. I have to watch a 10 second ad before my video launches - no biggie.

Software Tutorials: My brain dead neighbor is asking me to help her unglitch her vintage computer. Step one - run Scandisk. I set her up to watch How to Run Scandisk in XP. She leaves me alone. All are happy.

How to Do Stuff on the Web: I have been dying to add a Favicon to my website. No sweat, here is How to Add a Favicon - nice & easy.

Tech Others: This section features an amalgam of useful material, including lots of "how to shop for..." videos. For example, I've been thinking of buying an LCD projector. Here to help me is A Guide to Buying LCD Projectors., I love you.

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