Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Web Secret #72: Backblaze

Anytime a website can simultaneously entertain me, provide a useful service, and save me money, I am compelled to pay attention.

Recently, I randomly landed on, one of dozens of sites that offers online data backup. When Backblaze opens, the first thing that happens is that you are treated to a lifelike 5 second video of a young woman dousing a laptop with gasoline and then setting fire to it.

That was so rewarding, I had to watch it a couple times before further exploring the site.

Essentially, Backblaze offers:

Online unlimited backup for only $5/month per computer for 50 years via a tiny application that installs in three clicks. They claim this online backup application automatically finds all your photos, music, documents, and other irreplaceable files and compresses and securely encrypts them. When you're not using your computer, it sends them over the Internet to the remote Backblaze datacenters.

SIMPLE. I like simple.

But it's not just about back up. What if you need to restore a file? Like all the other vendors out there, Backblaze allows you to restore from the web.

But what I really like is that you have the option to get your files on a DVD or USB drive sent via FedEx. Personally, I am keen on having the option of virtual backup AND something I can hold in my hand (or put in my safe for that matter.)

Try Backblaze for 15 days for FREE.

Then watch the girl flambé the laptop. AGAIN.

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