Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Web Secret #84: Common Craft

Way back in August of 2008, I published the mission statement of the iWebU blog.

The first sentence stated quite plainly:
We promise to empower the non-technically inclined professionals of this world.
That said, sometimes pictures are worth hundreds of words. You know this if you've ever watched the UPS white board ads or any of the CBS Fast Draw videos.

Of course UPS is advertising shipping and the Fast Draw crew use pictures to explain current events.

So what if you need to understand, or for that matter explain, a complex social media topic?

You visit the clever people at Common Craft is a small company that uses 3 minute videos to explain complex topics. The videos use paper cutouts and are fun to watch.

You might want to check out (among many others):Difficult stuff. Plain English. That's a plan.

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