Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Web Secret #97: Just The Facts - 2010

What are the 2010 facts about the Internet and social media?

Thank you, Jeff Bulla, for answering that very question.

Think about this:

First website - 1990
130 websites - 1993
234 Million websites - 2010

Some facts about social media:
  • Facebook has 400 Million Users
  • Facebook has grown by 100 million users in last 9 months
  • If Facebook were a country it would be the 4th largest in the world
  • The fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55-65 year-old females
  • There are over 200 Million Blogs
  • Over 30 Billion YouTube Videos are viewed every month
  • The 2nd largest search engine in the world is YouTube
  • Twitter received 74 Million unique visitors in January 2010
  • Twitter passed the 10 Billion Tweets mark in March 2010
  • 80% of companies use LinkedIn as a primary tool to find employees
  • 2010 - Gen Y will outnumber Baby Boomers
Some facts about Gen Y (especially those born between 1985-1995):
  • Almost all have a Facebook
  • 50% have a YouTube channel (A YouTube channel is the "home page" of a user - usually displays favorite videos, comments, subscribers to the channel, and other social networking features.)
  • They are not on LinkedIn
  • They are not on Twitter
Think about this:
  • Different generations use social media differently
  • YouTube was founded in 2005 - five years later, it's the second largest search engine in the world. It is owned by Google, the world's largest search engine
  • 20 years ago there was only one website,
Everything on the Internet is changing fast. Very, very fast.

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

Do you think anyone in the world really understands the implication of this hyper accelerated change?

I don't.

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