Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Web Secret #123:

In a recent blog post, social media expert Jeff Bulla wrote:
I am contemplating...securing domain names for my teenage children. Are they starting a business?….No. Have they a great idea and they want to encapsulate ... an online name?…No. They are still too young to be contemplating that strategic adventure.

[But] in the future ... their own branded domain name will ... be ... an essential part of their digital being ...
Ten years ago, achieving online branding was simple, you had to build a website, and a quick name search helped you check the availability of your desired domain. Today, of course, you have to not only check domain availability under multiple extensions (e.g. .net, org, .co, etc.) but you have to jump to secure your name in social media channels as well.

Happiness is discovering a website that solves a problem and solves it well. Enter not only finds out if your desired website name is free on several different top level domains but also on a variety of different social networking sites.

Using its name checker is a snap, just enter the name you’re looking for into the search bar. provides results in several key categories:
  1. Social Media Usernames - is your name available on twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? etc.
  2. Generic Domain Names - is your name available as a .info? .me? .biz? etc.
  3. Country Domain Names - is your name available in the UK ( in Japan (.jp) in Europe (.eu)? etc.
  4. Trademarks
It's quick, it's easy - it's a slam dunk.

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