Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Web Secret #158: USB EcoStrip

Haven't reviewed a gadget in a while. It's time.

If you're smart, all of your computers are connected to power via a power strip of some kind. That's because you know that power surges can destroy your equipment.

Normally though, when you turn off your computer, it is still using power - 70 to 250 watts - nearly as much power as an energy efficient refrigerator.

Want to save yourself $100 per year per computer, and help make the planet a little greener?

Swap out your old power strips for the brand new $44.95 USB EcoStrip 2.0.

What's so special about the USB EcoStrip 2.0?

EcoStrip 2.0 acts as a normal power strip/surge protector for your computer and peripheral devices -- with one important difference: when the computer is turned off, power is shut down to peripherals eliminating the "vampire drain of electricity."

That's great, and saving power makes me feel thrifty and virtuous. But I also like the fact that the EcoStrip plugs into a USB port and doesn't require any more work than that to function.

Simple - I like.

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