Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Web Secret #183: Surf the Web Together

My mom rocks technology for someone who is 87. She orders stuff online, e-mails, and watches videos on YouTube.

Then again every now and then, she calls me with questions I can't answer. "I ordered dog food on and it never came."


Did she order it and it never came? Or did she think she ordered it, but never did?

So I end up logging in to Amazon under her name and I launch a search and rescue operation.

Problem is, she isn't sitting next to me, so no learning has occurred. I can try to explain what I did to fix the situation, but I can tell she is not getting it.

WAIT! She can virtually sit next to me thanks to

This is how simple it is:

1. I go to the website

2. I enter the url for in the space provided.

3. I e-mail my mom, and tell her to join me.

4. Tada! My mom and I are now seeing exactly the same web page, including each other's mouse movements.

Now she can watch me, as I demonstrate how to search her account and find out what happened to that 25 lbs bag of Science Diet.

Using, I can also:
  • Join my college aged daughter as she shops for her Halloween costume (must not pay for something too skanky.)
  • Watch a presentation with a colleague in Washington DC.
  • Look at summer rentals with my real estate broker.
The possibilities are endless.

You try it.

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