Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Web Secret #188: LAL

So what kind of social media site got funded to the tune of $1 million in 2011?

If you weren't born between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, you would never guess.

Not only that, you probably would never know, unless you are a college aged millennial or a passionate fan of Tech Crunch.

To quote Tech Crunch:
"Anytime there’s a startup that has been quietly catching fire, you can always find a trail of investors warming themselves by the flames. Take LikeALittle, for example. Though they’ve kept it quiet, we’ve now confirmed with multiple sources that they raised $1 million..."
What, you may ask is LAL (aka LikeALittle!)?

"LAL lets you interact with the people nearby. Meet new people, anonymously flirt with that person who caught your eye and discover if someone likes you." (I'm quoting from their site.)

That's it. That is all it does.

The young reviewers at Tech Crunch go on to say:
" makes sense. LikeALittle first popped on our radar back in December of last year while we were looking into a Hacker News thread claiming that one of the Y Combinator Winter ’11 startups had done 20 million pageviews in six weeks — and was growing by over 1 million pageviews a day. That startup, of course, was LikeALittle, a social network for flirting."
Growing by over 1 million pageviews a day!!!!!????

Do you get it?

I don't.

PS Want to feel even older and more out of it? Meet the founders and visit the headquarters of LAL.

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