Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Web Secret #201: Letters of Note

This is the story of an Internet meandering.

I am fluent in French, so when there's a lull in the action, I like to click over to news and get another perspective.

In February, I came across an article about a photograph from the 1930s which shows a crowd of people making the Nazi salute with the exception of one man.

The article had a link back to the Washington Post "August Landmesser, shipyard worker in Hamburg, refused to perform Nazi salute."

There was a link inside the last few lines of the Post article: "Much like last week’s renewed interest in an ex-slave’s 1865 letter to his master, the response to Landmesser’s photographic lesson speaks to an Internet audience hungry for stories of moral heroism," which sent me over to a blog called "Letters of Note."

After I read the remarkable letter from the ex-slave, that's where I stayed.

Letters of Note - correspondence deserving of a wider audience.

There are 661 letters cataloged in the blog's archive. Some of the best will soon be published in a book.


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