Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Web Secret #209: Pinterest

I have never had a guest blogger on my site. Until now.

Months ago, my 23 year old daughter - and new media expert - told me about a new social media channel - "This is going to be the next big thing," she assured me.

I opened the site - glanced at it and zoned out.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago, when, at an elegant Manhattan wedding, a distinguished 60 something woman asked me, "What do you think about Pinterest? I'm thinking of using it for my antiques business."

Oops! Guess I better get up to speed.

Jamie, you have the floor:

"Pinterest is a site made up of pins - photographs and videos of anything that you can imagine - positioned on pin boards (virtual bulletin boards.) These visuals includes clothes, animals, architecture, DIY projects, tech gadgets, and much more. Anyone can open an account in a matter of minutes for FREE and create one, or dozens of boards to showcase products, opinions, ideas, etc. Remember that no one buys anything they can’t see.

The social media aspect is that there are millions of pinners all over the world, so just like Facebook, or a blog, you can follow, “like”, and comment on people, brands, single pins, or entire pin boards. Pinterest is a massive network of people who simply like all sorts of stuff, and you have the opportunity to make them like you, your products, and your ideas.

If I were you, I would get going before your pins get lost in the mix.

Still not sold? There is a tab at the top of the Pinterest home page titled “gifts,” which allows users to name a price range for items they might want to buy. In the blink of an eye, a page with a huge number of purchasable products of all kinds appear on your computer screen. Just click on a pin and you are linked to the site where that product is sold.

There are other great things about Pinterest. You can spend time checking out your competition, communicating with fans, or posting a short video, hoping it goes viral. Did I mention that there is a smartphone app?

Pinterest is a marketer’s best friend
. And in case you’re saying to your computer screen, “I’m not a marketer,” you’re in denial - because every professional needs to become a brand in this day and age in order to be successful.

Happy Pinning!"

Thank you, Jamie.

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