Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Web Secret #216: HP 2610

I am drooling at the prospect of upgrading to an iPhone 5, dying for a Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, and coveting the new iPad.

But I am utterly loyal, and have no intention of upgrading my Hewlett-Packard 2610, an all in one machine that prints, faxes, scans and copies. My HP 2610 has served me without ever missing a beat since 2005. That's like 30 years in electronic time.

As the 7 years have gone by, I have watched my spouse and children go through a veritable arsenal of Canon and HP printers, only one of which is still in our possession. All of these machines have been uniformly crappy, jamming and refusing to work wirelessly on a consistent basis. (I know, I am the Geek Squad at my house.)  Accordingly, they have been thrown out.

What happened after 2005? HP and Canon started making sh--ty machines. Just lift one up, it weighs nothing, being made of the flimsiest plastic possible. My HP is hard to lift and solid. You get the point. Newer is not always better.

By the way, the same goes for Mac versus PC. Pick up my husband's Sony Vaio laptop, and you can tell it's a piece of junk. Pick up a Mac and you know your holding a solid, well built machine. Yes, it's more expensive, but guess what? It lasts a whole lot longer and doesn't break down on a regular basis. In contrast, my teenage daughter put her MacBook through torture tests. She accidentally dropped it off her bed (several times), spilled hot chocolate on the keyboard, left it in the broiling sun, and all around abused it. And it kept on ticking, as the old Timex ads used to say.

What inspired "will it blend"? 

Timex Torture Tests, of course

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