Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Web Secret #222: Babbel

I spend a fair amount of time standing on line, waiting in airports and otherwise being unproductive. Sure there's "Words With Friends" but what about doing something more rewarding?

How about downloading Babbel and learning or perfecting another language?

Babbel is a free app (on iOS and Android) that allows you to study a choice of 11 different languages and have fun while doing it. Babbel:

Is a mobile vocabulary trainer. Make the most out of travel and waiting time: With Babbel Mobile you can study vocabulary even on your smartphone or tablet. Speech recognition and basic and advanced vocabularies are integrated.

Is interactive. The Babbel apps contain 2000-3000 vocabulary words per language. All words are accompanied by images and pronounced for you by native speakers.

Offers speech recognition. With our integrated speech recognition you can practice your pronunciation and make significant progress. Lose that fear of speaking!

Offers a review manager. Babbel gathers the words and phrases that you've studied and then presents them back to you for review at optimal intervals: all in good time. What you've learned automatically embeds itself in your long-term memory!

Gracias Babbel! Merci Babbel!

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