Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Web Secret #255 -

How much do you hate those anonymous robocalls?

Even caller ID doesn't always help, because you don't know if you are getting a legitimate call just by looking at the number.

Thank goodness for

800 notes provides 4 simple services:
  1. Helps you find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities, and survey companies often call without leaving a message. Look up the number to read the reports of other users.
  2. Allows you to report telemarketing calls: Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices. No business wants bad publicity.
  3. Makes it easy to report phone fraud: Did someone try to scam you? Reporting the number is the fastest way to make public aware, and prevent others from falling victim to the scam.
  4. Enables you to check out a business: Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
Take that, robocall.

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