Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Web Secret #313: Full screen websites

When is the last time you visited a website and you were thrilled/blown away/amazed?

It happened to me today. Repeatedly.

And all because I came across an innocuous sounding blog post: "Full screen: new trend in web design."

Let me begin by explaining that full screen websites literally envelop the user in an immersive visual experience. It's sort of the visual equivalent of surround sound.

You will know it when you see it. Here are some of the most fantastic examples:

1. Nestea introduces a new beverage.

2. Pro story - a Canadian online magazine

3. SNCF - a French engineering competition

4. Dick's Sporting Goods promotes its baseball equipment

Think you need to be a big corporation, with a big budget to use full screen design? Think again.

1. Made in Days - a two person leather goods shop

2. Guillaume Marq - a 21 year old French designer searching for a 6 month internship

I feel like I just went to Disneyland.

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