Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Web Secret #333: the Internet in 1993

I have twins born in 1993, and I thought about them when I viewed "A Tour of the Internet in 1993" on the Mental Floss website.

Eric and Nina are only 20 years old, but in terms of technological progress, it's like a hundred years have passed.

This is what the kids will notice while watching the tour:
  • Everything is SLOW. Logging in to the Internet via dial up modem (see minute 1:40) - slow. Ordering a CD (9:30) - so slow that they give up. It's all very slow.
  • What's on the screen - numbers and characters - looks a lot like the gibberish you see on the computers in The Matrix.
  • 3:02 Clinton's inaugural speech. Now we are not talking a video, or even an audio file. It's just an accessed text document.
  • Hardware - the only thing that looks like it does today is the keyboard.
  • 7:30 - NASA has developed video conferencing. But it's not available to the consumer.
  • (17:07) - "Internet talk radio." Exciting? Not.
  • Geeks rule - they are creating the Internet, they use the Internet.
  • Bad nineties outfits - see 19:02
  • Bad nineties hair - see 23:41
  • Canon's latest laptop - clunky at 4lbs - everything that today's sleek laptops are not. Bundled with a printer and costing between $1,600 and $2,000 - or $2,600 and $3,200 in 2014 dollars.
  • Alacrity, (who every heard of them?) introduces a printer that copies and faxes - all for $500, ($820 in 2014.)

So children, take out your 5S model iPhones, and your circa 2012 MacBook Pros. Now look at them.

A moment of appreciation, please.

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