Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Web Secret #344: Why you should hire my son

A few months ago, I hired my son Jamie to grow my Twitter @iWebU. (For those of you who don't follow me, my Twitter, like this blog, focuses on technology.) He does social media for a living.

I frequently advise my technically challenged colleagues to hire a pro. Even if you can only afford to do it for 1 month, it can set you on the social media path to success. And you can learn a lot in a very short span of time.

Here was my Twitter strategy pre Jamie: tweet once a day, find inspiration for topics from my blog and stumbleupon.

Here is what my tweets looked like, without Jamie:

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Here is a condensed summary of the strategy Jamie created for me:

You will tweet a minimum of four times a day. 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm.

Each day you post based on a daily hashtag.

Mondays-#MindfulnessMondays (mindfulness technology etc.)
Tuesdays-#TechTrendTuesdays (tech trends)
Wednesdays-#iWebUWednesdays (tweet your post out and anything else worth while)
Thursdays-#TechTriviaThursdays (one tweet has an article with a trivia question about that article and the next holds the answer. Then two other relevant articles.
Fridays-#FoundItFridays-Different articles for your target audience
Saturdays-#SolarSaturdays (solar powered related)
Sundays-#SavvySundays (usually hi-tech and more complex tweets)

Examples of the tweets Jamie created for me based on the above strategy:

Is the digital economy on your mind? #MindfulMondays #Mindfulness #EconomicTech #Economy

Where does your company rank? #TechTrendTuesdays #FinancialTech #Financials #Tech #Companies

No matter what the program, @lynda has you covered. #iWebUWednesdays #OnlineClasses #Technology #EduTech

Which car company rep dropped the ball at game 7? #TechTriviaThursdays #TechTrivia #CarTech

Are you actually learning everything you read on your computer? #FoundItFridays #Learning #Research #Technology

When it comes to solar powered, where does the money come from? #SolarSaturdays #SolarPowered

Is technology helping you to learn the "four C's?" #SavvySundays #Technology #Creative #Collaboration

In the space of one month, he:

1. increased my number of followers by 50%
2. created multiple tweets that were routinely "mentioned", "favorited" and "retweeted" by influencers for their coolness and importance.

And that, my friends, (as I wrote earlier,) is why you hire a pro.

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