Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Web Secret #375: the most outrageous blog in America

This is a blog post about an X rated blog.

You have been warned.

The blog is about

a woman

of a certain age

enjoying herself

with men

under 50 - some way under 50.

It is also witty, literate, and subversive.

It will explode all of your conventional ideas about


of a certain age

enjoying themselves

with men

under 50 - some way under 50.

Honestly, I consider myself to be a worldly, edgy human being and I was shaken.

I realized that we (I) don't bat (much of) an eyelash when hearing/reading about older men enjoying themselves or even marrying younger, sometimes much younger women. But we (I) have a long, long way to go in applying that standard to women.

I know, because I was afraid to write this blog post, even though I think  it is a very important blog.

You see in addition to raw and Rabelaisian tales of her carnal adventures, the author writes about ageism, self love, and physical transformation.

Sure, others have written about ageism and dating apps, the importance of self care and the rationale for plastic surgery, and the challenges of dating when you are no longer chronologically young.

But no one, NO ONE, has come close to the honesty of this blog.

Reading it will force you to confront your own ageism and sexism.

One day our double standard for women will be long forgotten.

Until then, there is

PS. The photo is a shot of Sophie Tucker (1887-1966,) a celebrated singer, comedian, actress, and radio personality whose hay day was in the first half of the 20th century. When I saw this picture, I racked my brain to remember when I had last seen a woman over 40, and over a size 6, strike such a confident, powerful and sexy, pose. Mae West. 1932.

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