Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Web Secret #383: 8 ways to clean up your iPhone

I came across a really good article on how to free up room on your iPhone.

But for those of you who just want the short story, here it is:

STOP SAVING OLD TEXTS - Change your iPhone’s settings by going to Settings > Messages > Message History and set to Keep Messages for 30 days.

STOP SAVING OLD APPS - If you don't use'em, lose'em.

TURN OFF PHOTO STREAM - Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and switch My Photo Stream off.

DELETE DUPLICATE SNAPS - Go to Settings > Photos & Camera and deselect Keep Normal Photo. Read the article if you want the explanation.

CLEAR YOUR COOKIES - Don't know what a cookie is? You're on a need to know basis. Just go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

TRASH OLD TUNES - If there’s a song (or playlist) you’re not listening to, find it, swipe right to left and remove it from your phone.

DELETE PODCASTS WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH THEM - Go to Settings > Podcasts and switch Delete Played Episodes on to remove all already-listened-to podcasts at once.

LAST DITCH EFFORT, CHECK YOUR USAGE - Sometimes, there’s one specific app that’s eating up your data. Find out the culprit by going to Settings > General > Usage, then click Manage Storage. There, you'll see an app by app list of what's taking up room.

Cleaning feels good.

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