Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Web Secret 390: 8 seconds

8 seconds.

According to a YouTube video, that is the attention span of Gen Z, aka the generation that comes after the Millenials.

There is no agreement on the exact dates of the generation with some sources starting it at the mid or late 1990s and no clearly defined end point. (But when I eat in a restaurant and watch a 2 year old swiping an app on an iPad - I tend to think that a kid like that belongs to an as of yet undefined generation of the future.) For the sake of simplicity, think high school and middle school kids.

The characteristics of this group are being defined as I write this, but the video takes a stab at it:

Key points from the video - in case you don't have the attention span for it:

They are younger than Google - the first generation to have grown up with social media.

To them, 30 seconds is an eternity.

They live through their devices. Many of them use up to four simultaneously (laptop, tablet, cell phone, iWatch.)

They were born into a post 9/11 world. Millenials grew up in a time of plenty. But these kids lived through a recession. They witnessed their parents and Millenial siblings``````` struggle with a crumbling job market and college debt.

Accordingly, they do not have much faith in experts, they want to get the info from Google, or better yet, their peers. And they plan on paying of their debts ASAP.

They are highly connected and collaborative. More resourceful than Millenials and even more entrepreneurial.

They are not bound by conventional ideas of career, instead they dream up and implement career in their bedrooms (none of them use a desk.) They endorse the power of DIY (do it yourself.)

They are activists who want to make a difference in the world.

Many of them will live to see the year 2100.

Imagine that.

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