Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Web Secret 392: The Lot

I don't know about you, but I avoid going to movie theaters like the plague.

The average venue in New York City is dirty, the audience badly behaved and the food is vile and unhealthy.

Why expose myself to that, when I can watch the film in the comfort of my home on Hulu, Netflix, Fios on Demand, and more?

If only "The Lot" existed in the Big Apple...

Movie tickets at The Lot cost $23. Tickets at my neighborhood theater cost $14.50.

Expensive, you say. But here's the thing:

For less than $10 more, The Lot provides:
  • A state of the art movie screen and sound system
  • Grey leather armchairs that transform into comfy reclines at the push of a button
  • Gourmet food, wine, beer served on my personal tray table by an attentive waiter
  • Immaculate restroom facilities
  • A max of 80 people in each theater.
In La Jolla, California. Where I don't live.

I was lucky to visit La Jolla.

Saw "The Martian," (a great movie by the way,) in splendor, in comfort - while eating fish tacos and sipping a California Sauvignon Blanc. I topped it off with caramel popcorn (one of 5 varieties offered.)

It was wonderful.

More are slated to open. I can only hope that The Lot comes to your neignborhood. And mine.

Real soon.

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