Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Web Secret 425: Spotify

If you're a Baby Boomer, you have changed music formats at least four times.

Personally, I have moved from:

vinyl to
cassette tapes to
CDs to

What do all of these formats have in common? Concretely, I have my music. My iTunes songs are downloaded onto my mac and my phone.

For some time now my kids have been trying me to move to a fifth format: Spotify.

I have resisted.

It's incredibly annoying to learn a new interface.

Nothing pisses me off more reliably than getting an email that trumpets "announcing our new app design."

But then I started getting multiple notices that my "iPhone storage is full."

So grumbling all the way, I caved. I downloaded Spotify onto my desktop and my iPhone.

I was nervous. You see Spotify is a streaming service. That only works in wifi.

I don't have my music - it's in the ether.

It's unnatural.

It's unamerican. (Spotify is a Swedish company.)

The songs don't take up space on my iPhone.


Did I mention that I caved?

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