Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Web Secret 541: Bypassing EAPs

The biggest threat to EAPs are mental health apps and platforms that are selling directly to employers. They are less expensive than EAPs, and over promise spectacular results. They also use slick marketing techniques and state of the art tech - which most EAPs lack. And they are usually headed - and started - by technologists - not clinicians.

Here are four of them:

Quarlet Health
Tech-enabled approach that connects physical and mental treatments uses Joyable’s CBT app.

Empower Interactive
Web and mobile tools teach core concepts of cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) to address the root of behavioral health problems.

ieso digital health
Online delivery of evidence-based psychological therapies - CBT only.
Back by AI technology, offers mobile, accessible emotional support services AKA coaching.

Using technology and data, connects companies and their employees to mental health providers, therapy, and coaching programs that work.

My comments:

What do these companies do better do better than EAPs?
They sound cool, use great marketing and exhibit social media savvy. They trumpet evidence based interventions up front and central. Promise hi tech anywhere anytime service delivery. They are user friendly and offer “fun” visual tracking of progress - typically through apps.

What do EAPs do better than these companies?
CBT is the new Kool-Aid and pretty much the only approach used. What is completely missing is the powerful and valuable EAP assessment that delivers customized counseling and/or referrals to the treatment approach and level of care needed by the employee AND an evaluation of the workplace factors and impact relevant to each case.

Pay attention, people.

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