Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Web Secret 626: That's all folks

It has been 12 years and 625 posts since I started this blog. I have never missed a week. Now it is time to go on an indefinite hiatus so I can focus on my new venture, Impact Consulting and Training.

Here is an update on that venture:

On April 4, I became the first person in the world to be accredited in Mobile Instructional Design (MID) on a platform called Gnowbe. My knowledge enables me to create self-directed, cutting-edge learning experiences accessible on a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

If you are not familiar with MID, I created a fun little program that demonstrates its capabilities. Click on this link, and you will be prompted to download Gnowbe (it’s free, quick and easy). You can then enjoy “Demo in your Pocket: What Is Gnowbe?”

There are so many ways to use Gnowbe:
  • Onboarding – new employee, members and business partner orientation
  • Product/Service Knowledge - complex product and service knowledge
  • Training - soft skills and industry knowledge for frontline employees
  • Blended Learning – augment training and workshop experience with mobile learning
  • Stakeholder Engagement - continuous learning for alumni, volunteers and members
  • Culture Change - habit formation and culture change across organizations
  • Leadership Transformation - development and capability building for c-suite leaders
So far, we have created 3 programs:  
Managing Emotional Concerns During COVID-19 – quarantine

Managing the Emotional Impact of Covid-19 - as we reopen

Expand Your Clinical Revenue Stream With EAP Referrals – the first training program for affiliate providers of EAP services

If you or someone you know is interested in creating a Gnowbe program, or transforming an existing presentation into a Gnowbe program, please have them contact me at

To all my loyal followers, thank you for the journey.

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