Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Web Secret #36 - GetHuman

Last week's post was all about using online resources to fix hardware, software and cellphone technical problems.

That said (or written), sometimes I hunger for the guidance and emotional support that only an actual person can provide. I want to hear a voice, I want to have a conversation, I want

The sad truth is that the Linksys wireless router company does not want you to talk to helpful Sanjay in Mumbai. Linksys wants you to spend hours desperately clicking the "Technical Support" and "Customer Service" buttons on their website, fruitlessly searching for a phone number, until you give up and read an online manual or attempt to use their often inoperable LiveChat system.

Thank God for the gethuman database. The database features company phone numbers that connect you to people and instructs you on how you can bypass automated answering systems. At the top of the home page, you will find helpful categories including hardware, internet, mobile, and software.

Clicking on "hardware", you can find that sought after Linksys phone number: 800‑326‑7114 and the instructions "Press 1; at prompt press ###". Brilliant! Within seconds Sanjay is solving my router interference problem.

Click on "internet" to find the famously unfindable customer service number ( 800‑201‑7575 "Don't press or say anything").

You get the picture. Can't live without it.

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