Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Web Secret #104: CNET

The other day I heard about the Solio Universal Solar Charger - essentially a battery, powered by the sun, that could charge all of my portable electronic devices in a pinch.

It sounded great. It sounded like I should immediately shell out $79.95 and buy it.

But the economy sucks so I no longer buy cool gadgets on impulse unless they cost under $10.00.

Time to read a review.

I like to get my reviews from experts, not my next door neighbor. And there are endless gadget review sites. So - who to consult?


Why CNET? Well for starters, my brother Philip, who owns his own successful TV production company and was a pioneer in HD TV, says they're the best. (Did I mention he is VERY successful - in part because he has always been on the cutting edge of TV production technology?)

But then there is CNET itself, and their exhaustively thorough reviewing methodology. Don't take my word for it, watch the video "How We Test Products":


Here is CNET's review of the Solio Charger.

I decided against buying it after reading "Opening the Solio is a simple process: All you need to do is swivel the panels outward so that they resemble a windmill. We found the mechanism a little loose, however, and the panels didn't snap securely into place."

I don't like things that don't snap securely into place.

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