Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Web Secret #113: Blog Memes

Jeff Bulla believes that blogging is the most powerful online path to branding. I still believe that memes are the most powerful form of viral marketing.

What if your blog is also a meme?

Then you are on your way to fame and fortune.

Take For over four years, Frank Warren, has invited people all over the world to send him creatively decorated postcards bearing secrets they have never before revealed. He posts the most interesting of these cards on his blog. The most compelling secrets are about religious beliefs, sex, suicide, and love. From this blog, Frank has published 5 bestselling books of secrets. Over 340 million people have visited his blog. He has also become a leader in suicide prevention.

Let's review - as a result of his blog meme, Frank now has:
  • visibility
  • power
  • money
  • the ability to inspire others
Now that's compelling.

Another addictive blog meme is Year of Giving. The concept is simple. Reed Sandridge, a 36 year old unemployed man, decided to give $10 to a different person every day for a year. He writes about the people with whom he intersects. I don't know how he does it, but he comes across the most interesting individuals, who react in often astonishing ways to his donation.

Reed's blog has gotten him written up in dozens of major publications, has inspired other philanthropic efforts, earned him recognition in countries around the world, and given him a platform to promote causes he believes in. The book and movie rights are almost certain to follow.

Successful memes always seem to have an elegant simplicity. These two are no exception.

But coming up with a meme... Not so simple.

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