Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Web Secret #205: Steve Jobs

Between myself, my spouse and my 3 kids, we own the following Apple devices:
  • Four iPhone 4
  • One iPhone 4s
  • 2 MacBook Pros
  • 1 MacBook
  • 1 iMac desktop
  • 2 iPads
So you would think that with 11 Apple products in my immediate family, (including the three I use at least 9 hours a day,) I would have a pretty good grasp of the genius of Steve Jobs, Apple's founder and CEO. Well I didn't.

Reading his biography educated me.

Steve, thank you for:
  • The Apple II - first personal computer not just for geeks
  • The Macintosh - birth of the home computer revolution
  • Being CEO of Pixar - responsible for Toy Story, Finding Nemo, WALL-E and other digital animations delights
  • Apple stores - the store as brand
  • The iPod - giving me music everywhere
  • The iTunes store - saved the music industry from falling entirely in the hands of pirates.
  • The iPhone - my whole life in a hand held device.
  • The App store - spawned a new content creation industry. (Besides, I can't live without "Words With Friends.")
  • The iPad - launched tablet computing - went from "why do I need that", to "I can't live without that".
  • iCloud - all my content is backed up and all my devices communicate with each other.
  • Apple - the world's most valuable company, worth over $500 billion, and home to the best in imagination and creativity - a place where technology, art and design intersect.
Steve was a maniacal perfectionist, and intensely involved in every facet of the devices, technologies and companies listed above.

Steve Jobs, responsible for more disruptive technologies than perhaps anyone since Thomas Edison.

I salute you.

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