Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Web Secret #242: PatientsLikeMe

Every year, I attend the World EAP (Employee Assistance Program) Conference.

And every year, I learn about something amazing from someone attending or presenting at that conference.

2012 was no exception. I was fortunate to be co-presenting a "Super Session" on Social Media and Apps with Barbara Veder, (the clinical leader for a major Canadian EAP's Digital Management Team.) As we were catching up, Barb proceeded to tell me about a web site called

"Do you know about it? Have you been on it?" she asked me. "No and no." And then I forgot about the conversation until I found a scrap of paper in my conference bag on which I had noted the website's url.

In 2007, PatientsLikeMe was named one of "15 companies that will change the world." Here is the amazing, touching story about this fantastic resource:

Whether you are an EA professional or a therapist, this web and social networking site is a veritable treasure trove of resources, information, and support for a myriad of diseases both behavioral and physical. PatientsLikeMe now serves and is served by over a 170,000 patients suffering from 1,000+ conditions.

In addition, at the heart of the site lies a revolutionary research platform that aims at doing almost real time research on new therapies and medicines. For more on that watch this TED talk.

Can't wait to see what I learn at the 2013 Conference.

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