Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Web Secret #275: 10 Essential Apps

There are hundreds of thousands of apps. It's overwhelming. It's annoying. Most of them are crap.

Which ones are really useful?

Here is my completely biased opinion:

The DSM-5 App - while the battle rages on about whether to abandon this nomenclature, clinicians in the trenches will have to use it to get insurance reimbursement and other useful purposes. Yes, the App costs $69.99 and you can get the 20 lbs book for slightly less. But seriously - would you rather lug the book around or just prefer to have the handy dandy virtual version on your tablet or smartphone? I thought so.

A free banking app - Do you still go to a bank to make deposits? What a waste of time. Banking apps have been around long enough that most of the kinks have been worked out. They help you take a photo of a check and voila - the depositing process took 20 seconds.

Square - wouldn't it be cool if your clients could pay you with a credit card? They can. Combine the app with the free Square reader and you are in business. And you don't need an accounting degree to use it.

An entertainment app - You stand on line - often. How to escape? I admit to a serious addiction to Words with Friends, but others may use that time to read the NY Times, or the latest bestselling book. Angry Birds anyone?

Hootsuite - this is a free social media dashboard that allows you to post and manage multiple networks at once including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Skype - no it isn't HIPAA compliant, but you shouldn't be chatting with clients while you are out and about anyway. On the other hand, it allows you to make internet and video calls for free.

Dropbox - let's you bring your documents, photos and videos anywhere and share them easily. Let's you back up stuff. You always back up your files right?

Find my iPhone or equivalent - tablets, smartphones, laptops are expensive. When you lose them, or they are stolen it's freak out time. Install a finder app and learn to use it.

iTranslate - in the old days if a client didn't speak English, you scrambled. Now you can use this app to translate words, phrases and even whole sentences into 50 languages. Oh, and it provides voice recognition too.

Yelp - whether you have just moved to a new area or travel for business, you need recommendations of where to eat, shop, find a hair salon and more. Yelp does that.

What are your favorite apps?

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