Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Web Secret 397: Calm

I don't think the world is nuttier today than it was a hundred years ago.

But advances in tech means we are far more aware of the craziness. In fact, unless you live off the grid, you have to make a conscious effort to tune out.

Here comes a cavalry of websites to rescue you: Center yourself with not only white noise, but pink and brown noise, as well. Whether you’re seeking sleep or a little bit of peace, this will be sure to help. Seek refuge in sound by immersing yourself in cascading raindrops and murmuring thunder. A natural and calming soundscape that will put you at ease. Clear your mind for a few seconds with a little pep talk and relaxation session. It's lovely. Raw, heartfelt, sentimental, and always touching, this website provides a series of anonymous notes featuring moments that gave people hope. My favorite: do nothing for two minutes while listening to the sound of waves.

Thank you buzzfeed for giving me the idea for this post.

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