Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Web Secret 614: Mobile Microlearning

Have you been paying attention to how often you upgrade your smartphone, your computer, your software, your printer, the list goes on and on.

What about the way you perform your job? Have you added video based services, electronic record keeping, online appointment platforms, Square to accept payments, etc., etc.

What about information? New tests and treatments, new cures, new techniques, etc. etc.

The rapidity with which our world is changing because of advances in technology is increasing.

This means all of us, along with our our institutions and companies face a mounting challenge to learn new skills.


Upskilling refers to teaching employees new skills so they can thrive in their current position; reskilling means teaching them new skills to do a different job. We will be doing this a lot, as many jobs are going to become obsolete due to AI.

But how can we do it efficiently?

As learning evolves, we need to reimagine content delivery for the modern learner.

Learning 1.0 Traditional learning: face to face training

Learning 2.0 Old school web-based training - I learned Microsoft Word by watching a VHS tape

Learning 3.0 Video based e-learning - that's your live webinars and other forms of knowledge delivered on YouTube and the like

Learning 4.0 Mobile microlearning which is experiential and participatory.

Never heard of mobile microlearning? It's coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

You will be learning on your smartphone, using an app that integrates andragogy (effective teaching of adult learners) with technology that heightens powerful learning experiences on-the-go. It will be fun, interactive, it won't even feel like learning.

You've been warned.

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