Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Web Secret 617: The Real Real

Periodically, I like to review a website that does a great job at whatever they claim they do.

The RealReal is an online luxury goods marketplace, where you can buy or sell Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Chanel (and more) for a fraction of the cost.

What separates Real from the pack is that their experts do an exhaustive job of vetting the authenticity of everything posted on their website. So you can buy with confidence and save a ton of money.

Have you always wanted an iconic Hermes scarf? Instead of paying $550+, for a new one, you can buy these for a fraction of the price.

On the selling side, you can drop off your items at one of their bricks and mortar locations, or, if you have many items, they will come to your house to pickup. They guarantee each of your items will get 100,000+ views. Items that don't sell are shipped back to you at their cost.

It's pretty great.

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