Thursday, October 9, 2008

Web Secret #21 - yousendit

Most people are really bad about backing up their important computer based documents, photos, music files, etc. This means most people are only one computer crash away from losing all of their STUFF!

Friends, I count myself among you. I get really lazy about backing up my files despite the fact that I can:

  1. back them up on a remote server
  2. back them up on any one of the 15 different pocket USB drives I own
  3. back them up on my really nifty personal paperback book sized portable hard drive.

So in a pinch, what do you do when you're about to leave for a two week vacation and your 18 year old nephew is housesitting and he's a gamer and the odds are good that he is going to crash your computer and destroy the file containing the 300 photos you took at your 25th high school reunion?

You e-mail 'em!

That's right - cyberspace is safer than your home.

Aah - but 300 photos - that's a huge file. How are you going to send something that huge, quickly and safely?


yousendit is a digital delivery company serving businesses and individuals on the Web. Their innovative service enables users to send, receive and track HUGE files, on-demand.

Best of all they offer both a FREE TRIAL and a FREE SERVICE option.

What's great is you can:

  1. e-mail your 300 photos to another computer
  2. send the e-mail and once you have properly backed up the photos, delete it - you no longer need the insurance.

email back up - it's a good thing.

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