Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Web Secret #37: Corsair Survivor Flash Drive

I am a fan of the reality show Survivor. But though my past includes mountain climbing in Switzerland and trekking through the Andes, I no longer routinely expose myself and my possessions to the elements.

That said, I am constantly dropping my purse, spilling coffee on my desk and otherwise inflicting accidental harm to my electronic devices.

So for this reason, I use the Corsair Survivor Flash Drive (which comes in handy 8GB, 16 GB and 32GB sizes). Corsair’s web site promises “Flash Survivor™ is an extremely durable, water resistant, drop-tested flash USB memory drive. By design it is perfect for transporting valuable data such as personal files, photos and applications without having to worry about damage or loss of data due to the elements.”

And it seems that people enjoy putting the Survivor to the test. Testimonials from satisfied users boast of putting the drive through the washer, running it over with a car, hitting it with golf clubs, dropping it in the pool for days, etc. and it keeps on ticking.

Other pros:
  • Looks cool
  • Comes with special hardware so you can keep the flash drive on your keychain
  • 10 year warranty
On, you can buy the 32GB size for around $61.43 after rebate, the 16 GB for $43.99 and the 8GB size for $35.62.

Most people tend to be lazy about backing up their stuff. The Survivor flash drive provides an inexpensive and secure way of doing it. Or you can put it to the test and try to blow it up.

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