Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Web Secret #69: Is This A Scam?

When I get an e-mail telling me I won 20 million Euros in the Paris lottery I know it's a scam.

But sometimes, I get e-mails, or read stuff online - and I am not so sure. When that happens, I launch Jason Morrison's neat little website "Is this a scam?" The site is a Google Custom Search Engine tuned to anti-scam and anti-fraud sites, useful forums, and government agency websites.

I simply LOVE the simplicity of this website. In white lettering against a vivid bright green background, you read:
Is this a scam?
Wondering if an ad, email, or miracle cure is a scam?
Ask the internet
All you do is fill in your area of concern in the search window and click "SEARCH".

As an example, I have been wondering if a certain $29.99 product will really give me teeth as white as Beyoncé's. So I entered "teeth whitening". Here are a few of the listings that came back:I am now thoroughly enlightened.

Scam off.

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