Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Web Secret #75: Ning

What is Ning?

No, it's not a 14th century Chinese dynasty, or a tai chi move, or a take out dish featuring tofu and bok choy.

Ning is a FREE online platform (aka website) that enables people to create their own social networks.

So what?

Well if you have very specific interests and want to connect with a very specific group of people, you might want to create your own very specific social network. If Facebook is a Ford factory, Ning is a custom car kit.

Still don't get it? Well I didn't until I was invited to join the Online Therapy Institute Social Network (OTI)created on the Ning platform.
  • When you create a social network on Ning, (which is quick and easyy) you get a Ning URL, so OTI's is
  • You can then get really specific about the purposes and goals of your Ning. For example, the OTI Social Network is for people interested in sharing knowledge about online therapy, cyberpsychology and the impact of technology on mental health.
  • Joining the network allows for the creation of a profile with links to websites and blogs. All member pages are accessible to the public so your listing serves as both a networking tool with other professionals but also as a directory listing for potential clients.
  • If you are interested in creating a blog, your Ning listing comes with a blog feature that can be publicized and optimized.
And that's just the beginning... Spend 5 minutes on the OTI Social Network and you will develop a rapid appreciation of what Ning can do for you.

Now I Ning it.

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