Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Web Secret #86: Where The Client Is

Do you know that inner cackle you get, (at least I do), when you are about to surprise someone you care about with a wonderful gift? Well I have it right now, as I write this post and share with you a quite terrific blog/facebook/twitter called

Where The Client Is is the brain child of clinical social worker Will Baum. Will has created an extensive social media and Internet presence dedicated to helping professionals build a better private practice. The mother ship is the elegant "blogzine", neatly organized into 9 nifty categories:

attend - provides a tightly edited list of upcoming events and conferences.

click - is an equally concise listing of resources, free book excerpts, and how to websites.

grow is informational, containing practice growing tips.

interviews - does a great job interviewing some of the leading experts on clinical practice promotion and related topics.

launch - is everything you need to launch your practice from business cards, to web site design, and more.

promote - need promotional ideas? Check out this area.

read - book excerpts, books, lists of books. What therapy books have had the biggest impact on the way you practice? Find out here.

misc - check out a variety of interesting and thought provoking articles.

Need a mental health break? - something to meditate by.

And if you want more there is always a Facebook, and a Twitter.

Good Will Hunting.

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