Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Web Secret #98: MyPhoneDesktop

MyPhoneDesktop is an iPhone/iTouch/iPad app.

Now I realize some of you don't have any of these gadgets. But who knows, maybe this amazing app will prompt you to purchase one of the aformentioned devices.

What's so great about MyPhone Desktop?

Well, when I am home, I don't use my iPhone. To me it's a mobile device and I only access it when I am... mobile.

(Come to think of it my daughter does use my iPhone at home, sucking the battery dry, to play Scrabble - but that's another story.)

Anyway, at home, I sit in front of my computer. But I constantly run across cool and important things that I would love to upload to my iPhone.

Things like:Now I could dig into my handbag for my iPhone, or track down my daughter, and then laboriously input all of the above...


I could simply open up MyPhoneDesktop program on my desktop - drag and drop, cut and paste or comfortably type my info using a full size keyboard and a mouse - and PRESTO, it syncs to the MyPhoneDesktop app on my iPhone.

How cool is that?

And all for a mere $1.99 through the App Store.

PS For those of you who like to read excruciatingly detailed reviews with lots of screen shots, check out this one or that one.

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