Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Web Secret #102: QR Codes

Recently, I did something of such surpassing geekiness, that even my children (who are used to my technological enthusiasms) were appalled.

I created my own QR code.

Say what?

A QR Code is a small, square, black-and-white dot pattern. You may have noticed them in magazines, on posters, even on name tags at conventions. If you have a QR reader on your smart phone, the code will link you to any number of website, like a link to a Twitter feed or a profile on Facebook. Other QR Codes connect you to YouTube videos, online photograph albums or resumes.

Bottom line - they are a very efficient method to link a viewer to a whole lot more info about a particular topic - instantaneously - provided they have a smart phone. For example, on my iPhone I use QR app, a free download from the App Store.

If you want take it one step further, you might want to create QR Codes of your own. For this, go to qurify! There you can create a QR Code for any URL (max 255 characters) in a matter of seconds, using just 4 steps:

1. Type your message
2. Click "Qurify!" to qurify the message.
3. Download the QR Code image (usually in jpg format).
4. Done!

Still not sure why you should care?

Watch the video "How easy it is to read 2D Barcodes"

In the meantime, I plan on featuring my QR Code on my business card. That way, recipients of my cards can instantly view my iWebU blog. Check it out - it's the QR Code featured as the image for this post.

I think that's pretty cool.


  1. If you want to have your own business cards printed with a QR code check out this site:
    it lets you upload your own art or you can use one of the templates. best of all it creates your QR code from your profile so if something changes you can update your profile for free and your QR code on your old cards scan your new info!

  2. But it is oh so much more! Each QR code (QR stands for quick response) is composed of tiny shapes that can be read both horizontally and vertically.itsmyurls