Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Web Secret #163: Twit Cleaner

Every now and then, I come across a lovely little utility that does what it says it does, clearly and simply.

One such animal is Twit Cleaner.

Signing up for Twit Cleaner takes seconds. Wait some additional seconds and Twit Cleaner delivers a report on the state of your Twitter followers.

The first part of the report gives you information on percentage of people "trying to sell you crap," posting "identical tweets" (an indication of spam), "bots" (spam tweets generated by a robot), etc.

Do you want to be followed by these people/bots? Heck NO!

So then comes the 2nd part of your Twit Cleaner report. You are given a visual list of all of your "bad followers".

For example, under "Nothing but links" I saw that I had seven followers of the "Get A Job in Psychology" variety.

I was able to click on their Twitter icons right then and there in the report and delete them.

Now my Twitter is clean.

Thank you Twit Cleaner! Good Job.

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