Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Web Secret #190: Google Demo Slam

It is no coincidence that Google is, well, everywhere.

They could sit on their laurels like many successful businesses. But they don't.

Sometimes they go wayyyy out of the box to remain, well, Google.

Take Google Demo Slam. "Google Demo Slam: Technology is awesome. Learning about it isn't."

The idea was to invite web users to come up with very clever, very short, videos about Google's many products. You post your mini video - that's phase one, phase two, your video is pitted in a popularity contests against other videos. Now a different set of users is engaged. Finally, in phase three, some videos are so entertaining that they become insanely popular. A third set of users are now e-mailing the links to these masterpieces. Of course Google is the biggest winner.

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Grow Google - how to use Google Custom Background. The somewhat scary premise was to grow colored Google bacteria. Aside from the lunacy of the idea, the old professor and his Igor-like assistant add to the campiness of this vide0. The music is also a plus:

2. Google Translate - how to use Google Translate to order Indian food in Hindi. Epic and sitting in first place with almost 1 million views:

3. Google Instant - how to search results automatically as you type. I am a huge Gilbert and Sullivan fan, so I appreciate this cavalcade, which uses Google to find all the elements of the Periodic Table.


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