Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Web Secret #247: A daring adventure

Clinicians and coaches often ask me for advice on how to create compelling web content and design an effective website.

So what would the perfect private practice website look like?

Easy, it would be called "A Daring Adventure - Life coaching with Tim Brownson."

There are so many different elements that Tim got just right:

1. Let's start with his website name. Who doesn't want to think about their life as a daring adventure? How instantly destigmatizing about the coaching process? You're not getting help, you're going on a daring adventure! Fantastic!

2. Look at Tim's photo. It's a professional photo. Well lit, in focus. He is sharply dressed yet manages to look approachable.

3. Right there on the home page he explains what he can do for his clients: "What You Can Expect To Achieve By Hiring Me As Your Life Coach." And right next to that, he has an action oriented link so that you can e-mail him "Contact Me to Get Started Now."

4. Below his mission statement, in the center and still on the home page, he posts two rocking testimonials with links to more of the same. "I don't have any other Life Coaches to compare Tim with but after 60 plus years on this planet my bullshit detector works exceptionally well and Tim passes every possible test...."

5. If you are published, and Tim is, toot your own horn: "Co-Author of the International Bestselling Book 'How to be Rich and Happy'"

6. His "About Me" section is a perfect balance of personal and professional. He describes the personal reasons he was drawn to coaching but underscores the top notch training he has acquired over the years.

And that's just for starters. Every page of his website inspires, informs and entertains.

Now it's your turn.

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