Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Web Secret #272: Notes from the job search

I recently had the good fortune to meet Steve Paul, a career coach with an expertise in using social media, especially LinkedIn, to find a job.

Steve is so knowledgeable about personal branding and using technology to define one's career and find employment that I invited him to speak about it during an all day presentation I gave in Seattle, Washington.

I discovered that Steve is anything but your typical job coach. He previously worked as a Lead Program Manager for Microsoft and a Director of IT at a not for profit. He writes a fantastic blog "Notes from the Job Search" which manages to make the topic of job hunting brand new (pun intended.)
Here are some of his best posts:
Whether you are job hunting, thinking of job hunting, or just hoping to make more of your current position or business, you will find "Notes from the job search" to be just what the doctor ordered.

Read one post per day, and continue until finished.

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