Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Web Secret #330: Useful websites

Every now and then I run across someone's curated list of useful websites.

A couple of months ago I found the most excellent "70 of the most useful websites on the Internet."

Here are some of my picks from that list: - Find out which top online sites store data about you, and tell them to unlist your info. - how silly of me, when I call a company, I want to speak to a person. This website tells you how to do that. - is your PC running slow? Time to remove the unwanted programs that have been accumulating on your machine. But you haave to do it carefully... - how can you improve the visibility and Google ranking of your website? Woorank will tell you how. - as concerns about Internet privacy ramp up, you might want to switch to this search engine, which promises not to track you. promises simpler online meetings with screen sharing. They have a free trial. - sometimes I am on a web page and I want to print it. Then I found out that I can't. This website solves that problem.

Do you have a favorite website that's not on the list?

Send it to me and maybe I will blog about it.

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