Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Web Secret #365 : Commodity Goods

When I encounter a company that combines bespoke service with a modern approach - I feel the need to share.

I hate buying perfume from a department store or Sephora (and not because I don't love you, Sephora.)

This is what I hate:

1. pressure from salespeople - many of whom know nothing about fragrance.
2. the gagging smell of dozens of airborne scents mingled together.
3. olfactory overload - after I have tried two scents I can't try any others.
4. I want to wear a scent for at least an hour so that I can appreciate the dry down, the sillage, and other sensory experiences.

Commodity Goods, where have you been all my life?

This is their approach to selecting a perfume:

1. Go online and pay $24 for a scent Fitting Kit.
2. They mail you 10 different vials of perfume to try in the comfort of your home.
3. Take your time, take days to test them out.
4. Once you have a favorite, go online and select it. They will send you a 10ml spray of your choice (perfect for travel) for free, shipping included.

In case you're interested, I opted for Whiskey.

Love it.

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